of favourite songs and carols of Christmas

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Date: 16 December 2008 09:01:36

I’m just listening to little Aled Jones (yes, I know, not so little anymore!) singing ‘Walking in the Air’, probably better known as the theme song from ‘The Snowman’ … I’ve loved this song and the cartoon (taken from a book written by Raymond Briggs). This is absolutely one of my favourite Christmas songs … probably because I remember watching the cartoon every Christmas from way back …. Much like Sound of Music comes on every year near Christmas, The Snowman always made an appearance too!

Another of my top 5 carols, the ones I absolutely love is ‘The Carol of the Birds’, an Australian carol. http://www.hymnsandcarolsofchristmas.com/Hymns_and_Carols/carol_of_the_birds2.htm

My dad taught me that one first and I’ve always loved it, can never remember more than the first couple of lines and the chorus, Orana! Orana! Orana to Christmas Day!

Thirdly – O Holy Night – what can I say, beautiful, especially at a midnight service, with lights down low or only candles, a soloist (I have to say, usually my dad, who has a totally FABULOUS light baritone voice) singing at the front of the old sandstone church that I attended most of my life (and was married from two years ago today), and people who truly want to be at a Christmas Service, rather than the C&E’s [that’d be Christmas and Easter J]

Number 4 – Silent Night

Number 5 – Gloria in Excelsis – especially with a MASSIVE choir live … or turned up really really REALLY loud!!!!!!!!!!!

But I’ll take just about any carol really … I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the 9 Lessons and Carols, in all its various versions … though I will admit I’m not a huge fan of the novelty carol or Christmas song … but being an ‘80’s girl I can always be found singing along to ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ or George Michaels’ ‘Last Christmas’ … sad, but I’m not afraid to admit it – I’d wear my ‘Relax’ t-shirt with pride if I still had it!