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Date: 14 December 2008 07:27:55

Mr Tasmania has been working his fingers to the bone, cutting up trees, burning logs, piling up enormous amounts of firewood - and we don't even have a log fire! They're all the bits that remain of the big trees we had cut down earlier in the year ... the guy who was going to cut up and take the wood as payment has never been organised enough to do it - in fact forgot he was doing it - so Mr Tasmania said bust it, I"ll pile it up and sell it ... so that's the plan for later in the year, and he has done a sterling job on that side of the property, it looks great!

The trunk of the tree still remains to be pushed over (it's down, but resting dangerously on a branch, so can't be sawed up as yet), hopefully the guy who's been doing all the excavating at the block will be pushing it over in the next couple of days, as he has another job down here.

I've been doing the pre-Christmas away from home parents in law staying clean, as well as getting the Chrissie cards finished (only about 10 to go!), and starting to put together bits and bobs to take up to mum and dad's ... I have to pile them up as I think of them or the fleeting thought has passed and we get to Mittagong and start having to buy things like muffin tins and toothbrushes, weird and wonderful combinations of stuff!

We also had our anniversary lunch today - it's 2 years on Tuesday! It has gone by so amazingly fast - and we've done so much in those two years .. but the wedding feels like yesterday ... wonderful :)

It was a lovely feast at Jolly Rogers on the Beach at Boat Harbour, on a gorgeous (finally) summer's day (even more amazing as it's supposed to be raining!) ... salt and pepper squid, tomato and fetta bruschetta, lamb burger, yummo! and lovely Valhalla Tasmanian Ice Cream for dessert - even better!!!

Now, Mr Tasmania has headed off with JD the wonder dog to deliver some paperwork to another teacher (she's off whitewater rafting at sparrow fart tomorrow so he's dropping all her required bits off now) and I'm ... trying to think of stuff to do which is not ironing or cooking dinner - yay wibsite!