of being carnivorous

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Date: 09 July 2008 09:47:05

well, technically omnivorous I suppose ... but definitely a meat eater.

and a happy one today, as I won the meat raffle at work. I don't know if this is a peculiarly Australian thing? Most RSL Clubs (REtired Servicemans League), and footy clubs etc have them ... school trivia nights, all that sort of thing ... my work runs a fortnightly raffle, drawn at the full staff meeting.

There were two today, not quite sure why, but anyway, the cheese and bikkie raffle went to another Admin person, and I won a lovely bottle of Hardy's Nottage HIll Chardonnay 2006 + 1kg of nice thin beef sausages + 1x apricot chicken + a 4.2kg slab of beef rump.

veeerrrry verrrryy nice!

ANyway ... never cooked a roast chicken (not a fan really, will eat if really well cooked, have had three bouts of food poisoning in my life, all caused by chicken - and chicken that others ate and did not get sick!!! Too annoying- anyway, last bout lost 8kg's overnight and couldn't walk for 3 days ... so you can see why I'm wary). Anyhoo ... any suggestions? I can look it up, but if anyone has any foolproof methods ..... please spill!