Categories: life-in-general

Date: 11 December 2008 10:07:49

and yes, it was warm today - that makes two whole days in a row! Not that it was warm in the morning, or overnight, we wouldn't want to get too out of control eh!

Heat in Tassie is different, as I might've mentioned before... I personally think that 18degC here is equivalent to the heat from 22 or 23degC in NSW ... angle of the sun, lack of ozone layer, all that sort of stuff .. it's quite bizarre really but makes for gorgeous days.

I came home last night so dead tired that I conked out on the banana lounge out the front ... Mrs Claus gave me a minor heart attack by phoning (I had it with me) but it was probably good 'cause it meant I was actually vaguely compos mentis when Mr TAsmania arrived home.

This afternoon I came home to be greeted by the site of my husband stacking blocks of wood, and loving the heat! He walked (with a group of 16 year olds and 3 other teachers) from Rocky Cape to Sisters Beach today (quite a distance!) then walked the enormous distance home (about 200metres) from the park and decided to do some work.

So nice to have weather that you want to be outside in! It's quite honestly felt as though Winter has just been hanging on all the way through Spring and really just doesn't want to let go. We've got rain predicted for tomorrow but hopefully warmer weather will follow.