yay Deeleea!

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Date: 09 December 2008 09:26:46

Yes, I know you rolled your eyes and thought 'for goodness sakes woman! You know how to do this!' ... and yes, having read your (very) basic instructions (thanks again!), I could do .. and I rolled my eyes at myself too :)

ah well .. my only excuse is I'm very tired ... and as I've been operating in that state for what feels like a month now ... I should be used to it :) ... I don't even have the excuse of a kid! or more! Hope the Chrissie hols revive me otherwise I'm going to be a complete pain in the bum useless lump when we're house building - though hopefully adrenaline would kick in and help out there :)

Anyway ... this is what we've been doing ... or rather, a friend has been doing and we've paid for :)

This bank has been removed as far back as the 'line' and as far ahead as the shed ... this is so we can drive around the imminent house rather than through it.

The Block - excavating - 121108

This is where a lot of the dirt/clay has gone - filling up a big dip in the ground in front of Mr Tasmania's weeping cherry tree ... and which will be a lovely terrace eventually, located on the kitchen side of the house.

The Block - Excavations 2 - 011208

This is Mr Tasmania ... not his best side he'll say, though I think it's rather cute (feel free to throw up now ... come on, it's our second anniversary next Tuesday, I'm allowed to be a bit soppy! Didn't that go fast eh!) ... anyhoo ... he's standing at the top of a two foot high wall, at the end of the 'public carpark' ... over the wall will be our the end of the house with the entry and the double garage and the wall of one of the spare bedrooms .... the house itself will head leftwards down the hill ( starting on the clay then over the green bit, stopping before the fence) - you can also see where we've extended the apron in front of the shed (told you it was big) with more of the diggings ... in front of the telegraph poles will be, one day, a lovely grassy lawn and cottagey gardeny bit with a little table and chairs ... not quite an arbour, but hopefully lovely!

The Block - excavating - 26 November 2008 055