of planting and moving

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Date: 29 November 2008 05:33:01

the moving would be a friend who has stored his gear in Mr Tasmania's shed for the last three year - it's all been moved out today so we can move in some stuff that Mr Tasmania's sister has given us and for building materials and interior bits like floor tiles, vanity units, bathtubs, etc etc etc.  It makes the shed look VERY large - it is huge but with a big pile of plastic covered furniture in the middle of it it's always looked a little smaller.  But, when you've swept it five times in under two hours, you get a good feeling at how LARGE the thing is :)

Before the sweeping I spent two hours in light drizzle throwing 25kg of gypsum over the new area in front of the shed, which is made up primarily of clay which was taken from the bank behind the shed, where our new driveway runs (had to be moved, old driveway runs right through the 'imminent garage').  After the gypsum (which is designed to help the clay all come together so we can grow things in it) I broadcast 2kg's of grass seed (City of Burnie grass), raked it all in, then watered it all lightly with a mix of water, Seasol, and Ecofish.  Seasol is a seaweed based soil conditioner and Ecofish is basically mooshed up exotic fish ie European Carp taken from the rivers.  I then threw over 20L of cow manure and left it for the light rain to wash it ... hopefully some of the grass will grow!