of old and new ...

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Date: 27 November 2008 08:16:03

not much to say on new except ... i GOT MY WISE GIFT!!!  I'll attempt to photograph and post properly later or maybe tomorrow .. will see how it goes - needless to say the bits are gorgeous, thank you thank you thank you, I'm so shocking at this I can't work out who it is though I know who I think it might be ... suffice to say it's someone from Swansea ... which I know means half the wibsite so not much help ... or I guess it might be even a sneaky person who sent it to someone in Swansea to post!  I will never work it out, am resigned to it :)

and old ... would be the post just previous to this ... which is the one that had me contemplating giving up blogging altogether the other day when it just would not post!  Why it works today I have no idea :)