of flexing

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Date: 18 July 2008 13:41:52

flex time from work that is, not flexing the body ... though I could do with some of that too, because my body is feeling old today. .. I have somehow managed to pull a muscle down my left side, from under the rib cage to my hip ... do not ask me how I managed to do that SITTING IN A CHAIR ALL DAY at work .... I plead aliens .. it must be their fault ... it was certainly nothing to do with me!

Anyhoo ... back to flexing off work ... this is what I will be doing Monday and Tuesday so YAY, I have a four day weekend. And I'd really appreciate it God, if you don't think it too facetious or disrespectful to ask by way of blog, that on at least one of those days we get some sunshine? And that you could send all the rain up to my mum and dad, who are now hand watering their trees again? And maybe some to the Murray Darling river system which is turning into dust and / or nasty acidic billabongs as we speak (type)? And maybe some to inland Tasmania which, contrary to it's drippy muddy cold climate rainforest bright dark green image in all the tourist brochures, is rapidly dryng up and turning to dust in the middle.

I'm about done with rain for the moment here ... it can go somewhere where there's someone who actually wants and needs it. Thanks God.