of raining, again

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Date: 27 November 2008 08:13:02

It's rainin again. on a weekend. when I want to be out in the garden. and my washing is YET AGAIN in the dryer. SO - OVER - IT! BUT I'm also liking it 'cause it means that I don't have to water the garden this afternoon, which it was looking as if I'd have to (do you like my grammar?), so even that's annoying. Ah well. I've struck another 50 geraniums ... mind you, that doesn't mean I'll get 50 plants, but I've got a pretty good ratio of living with them so it probably means I've got at least 40 - 45 to plant out somewhere in about 8 - 10 weeks.  Not to mention the other 50 or 60 I've got lined up on the edge of the front garden. I know, it sounds over the top - but they grow really well down here and even the foliage is interesting ('cause they're geraniums AND pelargoniums, I just Australianise ie generalise massively, and call them all geraniums) so the more the merrier really - and once they've taken off down here I'll have a never ending supply to plant out at the block too - and there's LOTS more room up there to fill up with my gardening - so free plants are good! I'll have to have a go at my lavendars soon - and the mother in law's roses too!  Never struck roses but willing to give it a go! I've done heaps of little jobs inside - MR Tasmania is off down the West Coast on his quad bike with 10 or so mates, getting muddy and wet basically - and am now going to have lunch ... the aim is to get the beer bread in the oven, try out a recipe for what look essentially like Moroccan lamb mince spring rolls, and then get into the Christmas cards. Unless it stops raining, then I'm back outside in the garden, of course!