of sleeping in and jobs

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Date: 19 July 2008 11:06:57

we didn't get up until 9:30, oh yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, it's just very very exciting when you usually get up at 5:30am to walk the dog!!!!!

Anyhoo, the day started well with a sleep in then a call from my youngest brother to tell me that he'd sold his very very beautifully restored twin cab white Kombi ute (which he was very happy about) and that he was starting his new job in August - yay! This is great as, since they've moved back to the Highlands, he's had 4 different jobs, and one abortive attempt at Uni, which all for various reasons have not worked out. This job sounds GREAT, it's very him, he's very excited, he gets a car :) (useful when you've just sold one) ... and he sounded SO chipper on the phone, very very cheerful, upbeat, positive - SO GOOD.

Unfortunately (and I'm sure it applies no matter what place in the sibling order you are) I find that you don't stop worrying about your little brothers even when said little brothers are both married (both for quite some time longer than me I might add!), fathers of two, and turning, respectively, 34 and 36 this year ... I will ALWAYS be the big sister, even when we're 98,96, and 94 (and you know I fully intend getting to that age ... unless we're raptured of course, in which case it's been taken out of my hands and I think at that stage I'll be pretty sure they'll be alright!).

So anyway, after finally getting up, breakfasting, and getting out of the house, we drove to Mr Tasmania's school and picked up the door for the toilet room in the shed at the Block. We then went back to the Block and installed the door. It looks very cool, the toilet room has been painted bright sunny yellow and the door is bright red :)

We then went and picked up 1m of bark mulch to continue with the mulching of the grevilleas down the driveway - we're halfway now and it's looking great. Some of the grevilleas are in flower at the moment too so it's all very lovely.