of action!

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Date: 19 November 2008 11:22:21

We have an approved DA!!!  That would be a Development Application.  The local council loves us and they have now authorised to go forth and be stressed and gather enormous amounts of paperwork, spend lots and lots of money and, in the end, end up with a home!

Very very VERY cool!

We also have a Post Office Box, to which our mail is now going - if you want to know it ask and you shall receive :)

AND ... Mr Tasmania has been investigating an Online Auction Site - and today we flung ourselves in with a bang, registered, bid on 4 things, and in short order had bought said 4 things!  Saving ourselves approximately $500 in the process :) - me likey auction very much!  We are now the proud (almost) possessors of 1) A vegie spray (kitchen mixer tap with an extendable hose), 2) 3 very funky floor drains 3) 2 lovely silver metal double towel racks to mount on the walls, and 4) 2 toilet roll holders (also silver and funky).

Hopefully we can buy my kitchen items ie stove and cooktop this way too, as they have an enormous range of items on this site - we will hopefully save a fortune ... though there is a lot of other cool stuff on there.... a dozen bottles of Margaret River 2005 cab merlot ... maybe we could buy that too?