I don't quite get it

Categories: house-building, family

Tags: Building, Broboss

Date: 13 November 2008 09:30:19

but then again my brain's a bit full at the moment, what with one thing or another.

We have started digging out at the block - this is the bank behind the house, not the house foundations.  We've booked our Christmas tickets to NSW.  We've decided on the tiles for the bathroom walls.  We should have our Development Application approval in the mail, hopefully.  We went and saw the guy who's going to design our kitchen - and have already changed a few ideas just on a first chat (but in a good way!).  And other stuff is happening too.

But I'll get to that eventually.

Oh, and the Broboss' has experienced a miracle (as has the rest of the family, to be honest).  On Monday he walked up the steps to his over the garage studio/office, opened the door ... and stepped into the Twilight Z*ne - sometime over the weekend the entire thing had burnt out .... but in a really weird way .... some things are gone, others are not, ie papers in a folder are fine but the plastic tray they were in is completely melted, or a bookcase is completely gone with its entire contents but the carpet it was standing on did not catch fire ... the assessors and the electrician do not know why it did not burn the garage to the ground (let alone anything else).

I'm just saying it's God.  Pure and simple, that's all it is.