Ooooo, toes in the water!

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Date: 12 October 2005 04:37:55

Well, one small step for me, one giant leap and all that .... just a little one to get things started. V. busy in the old office, BroBoss is out on a photo shoot for the day after having 6 days leave, designers are in a frenzy, my desk is 3 metres deep [at least!] in old archiving files ... and I am SO ready for my 5 days off next week!

All that aside, life is pretty good, my birthday on Friday ... can you guess how old? Promise not to be offended :).

Shoes: no purchases of late, currently wearing 'work thongs' ... ie strappy, black, 1 inch heel, very comfy, go with everything.
Hardware: does potting mix count? I did buy it at the hardware store ... and there's LOTS of it .... I wanted to buy a huge extension ladder but $400 was a bit much for this weeks budget!