Lisa it's your birthday! Happy birthday Lisa! (to quote Bart Simpson)

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Date: 14 October 2005 01:13:25

Yes, I have reached the vast age of ..... wait for it ..... 35!!!!!

Actually, by the fact that I've just put that out there I guess you can work out that I'm not exactly bothered by turning 35 :) .. I've really never understood the dramas some women seem to go through about a) letting people know how old they are and b) actually getting older .... as far as I'm concerned it's basically something you really can't do a thing about so get over yourself and stop annoying the rest of us!

That would probably count as my rant of the day .... may have to get used to that ... i do tend to ranting ... it's quite relaxing getting stuff off your chest .... and when you're classed in the realms of 'voluptuous' .... well, you work it out!

I guess I'm less bothered by that age of 35 than most because I come from a fairly long lived family ... all grandparents lived well into their 80's .. and that's with various health problems hard lives etc etc etc ... so looking good for 93, which is an age I think I will aspire to (rapture aside and all that!)

Boy, I'm really letting you know it all today aren't I!

Anyhoo, Chilegirl, my first sister in law, rang me recently to ask me who i wanted to invite to my 'surprise' birthday dinner :) .... I know, not a surprise then ... but the surprise would be the fact that it's being organised for me! So, that's tonight, at a local Bavarian Biergarten ... in Manly .... well yes, Australia is a multicultural hothouse! Looking forward to it greatly, should be a good night!

Shoes: Beige strappy 1inch heel work thongs - v comfy!
Hardware: nothing really ... but I did buy a bubble blowing set for my oldest nephew ... I think that counts!