It's a hot {day} in the old town to{day} - stand by, rant imminent!

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Date: 26 October 2005 00:37:27

Whew, it's looking like it's going to be a hot day today, 32C!!! Yippee!!!!!! Coming from me, that's kinda weird, I'm not a real hot weather girl, Spring and Autumn are my seasons generally (yes, I know technically it's still Spring, but I refer more to Spring-type WEATHER not dates .... Australia has 'interesting' seasons!) .... Summer has never really thrilled me that much, as I could sunburn for Australia at the Olympics. I do LOOOOOVVVEEEE daylight savings time however, and that comes in this week.

This year, for some reason, I have been really lusting after the hot weather, I don't know why - and remind me I said that in a month or two when I'm whinging after a week of 40C+ days (which is not an exaggeration, it does happen!). My only problem this year is the lack of appropriate dresses for the abundantly endowed amongst us ... by that I mean, all summer dresses so far are either knit (what on earth!), have spaghetti straps (excellent for those who need a bra - NOT), have deeply plunging necklines (yes, I have a cleavage, I like my cleavage, I don't need people viewing my belly button from the TOP without an invitation!), or basically make you look like you're heading off for a day at the races! What ever happened to the simple cotton shift? the pretty summer frock? The sleeveless linen dress? Come on designers, it's SUMMER, it's SYDNEY, and it's going to be HOT AND SWEATY!!!! Even we admin types get out of the office occasionally, and we'd be liked to be able to walk around in a DRESS without dissolving in to a disgusting messy puddle ... we're chicks, we like to look hot in the sexy sense, not the meltdown sense!

Well, got that off my chest (sorry), now on to other more delightful topics .... the Wunderkinder (pardon my odd German) ie nephew number 2 has achieved a milestone this morning ... he has crawled from his room all the way across the loungeroom! I think his parents will really know they're alive now! FYI in a family of brown haired brown/hazel/or green eyed people, the Wunderkinder is a throwback to either his blue eyed Spanish great grandfather or his blue eyed German/Irish grandfather's sides ... certainly does not take after his dad (brown hair brown eyes light olive skin ... the BroBoss) or his mum (Chilegirl ... dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, olive skin) ... but he does look a lot like me :) (if you change the blue eyes to green and the blonde hair to light brown ... the GORGEOUS white skin is the same though!).

Bro2 and The Amazon (ie other brother and his wife) are rampaging around with Nephew1, the Sheriff, as they wait for the arrival of the Sherriff's Deputy in late November ... The Sheriff is a real trick of a kid, he's just hilarious mainly.

Okay, shoes .... beige work thongs ... comfy! .... I can feel a minor niggle which is telling me it's time to go shopping soon though ... stand by for a shoe binge!
Hardware .... i think a new 19" flat screen LCD computer monitor counts, even if I didn't pay for it ... I look at it every day!