The trouble with ..... ring tailed possums (apologies to the Trekkies)

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Date: 27 October 2005 00:06:17

I've had my hair re'done' ... my racing stripes are now back in order and all is right with the world!

It was hot yesterday, I think it's going to be hot again today. i'm happy about that, but I'm VVV tired as we had MAD RING TAILED POSSUMS having arguments outside the window at 1am .... outside my window anyway, don't think it bothered any of my flatmates!

For those of you who are not up on their Australia Fauna ..... The Ring Tailed Possum is a lovely little creature, sort of small cattish in size, with a long prehensile tail. They are marsupials ie have a pouch but can also be seen, once the kids have reached a certain age, walking along with a pile of little bubs clinging to their backs. will give you all the info you need + a little picture.

Anyhoo .... one thing you don't often get told is that, when arguing with each other (not mating behaviour!), they are LOUD! And because they know me, having often visited my balcony at dusk and eaten my flowers in front of me, they view me as just another part of the landscape ie i can go and wave threateningly and they merely give me an enquiring look, as if to say 'yes? you have a problem? please go away now, we're in the middle of something". A bit deflating to be dissed by a possum!

I am going out today to renew my bottle of 'Scat' (yes, that's a real name - I would prefer to use Poss Off, but it appears to be unavailable at present) and will rampage about with my little spraybottle and spray with abandon this evening - hopefully they will take themselves off and argue in the ACRES of perfectly good bushland which is over our back fence - 10metres away!