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Date: 28 October 2005 03:28:29

For those of you who are not Australian admin-types ... the above is the quarterly business tax bizzo that all businesses have to fill in and send to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) .... covers tax in/out, as well as various other bits and bods including employee taxes .... it can be a real joy (gritted teeth here).

On the other hand, once it's done, you don't have to do it again for three months!

This month, however, I am doing two, due to various business rearrangements .... it's actually not too bad, it's just a big responsibility that I'd rather somebody else had ... however I am clinging on to the fact that I will feel GREAT when they're both done - double GREAT!

Shoes: black work thongs ... BUT I did see a pair of wooden heeled brown leather stiletto sandals last night which are calling me ..... I'm pretty sure I'll be giving in tomorrow morning :) ..... gorgeous new shoes ..... if I can't hear those other "three little words" those will do for now!
Hardware: none, again .... but I am going to do gardeny, planty, rakey things this arvo and tomorrow so that's kinda in the same ballpark ... and I'm pretty sure there will be an excursion to the largest local hardware warehouse at some point on the weekend - it's practically summer, you have to go to the hardware shop in summer, it's the LAW!