Well ..... I gave in

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Date: 31 October 2005 05:28:25

Yes, I rushed out on Saturday and bought the shoes! They are made of wood, with soft brown leather straps ... four inch heels ... gorgeous! I am very happy ... I do have an addiction that I obviously have to deal with at some point ... but I'm very happy today!

Mind you, get back to me Sunday arvo after I've worn them all day!!!!

Breakfast on Sunday (or 2nd breakfast for the Tolkien fans ... I can't wait until 10am for brekkie!) was great ... good food, good people, Rhys and Lemly are just lovely! Probably a bit overwhelmed by the Aussie impact ... Deeleea, Orthodox Ian and myself are all fairly good at filling a silence! ... but they are just so nice ... I hope they had a great time at the Neighbours night that evening!

Ok, must dash, pretending to work remember!