It's Sauna Weather

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Date: 02 November 2005 22:05:39

Yes, the humidity was 84% at 8am (which meant that, as I went to bed with wet hair last night, it was still wettish this morning - urk) and the temperate is due to hit 30C today .... normally this would mean great whinging on my part BUT I work in air conditioned comfort and I have a pool ... therefore no real grounds for complaint! I didn't get to my swim last night until nearly dark (ie 8pm) but it was just beautiful floating out under the clear skies, with the pair of cockies ( bickering and tearing the gum tree to shreds above me, and the neighbours on both sides and all my flatmates away .... incredibly relaxing.

I am getting into a Christmas mood ... I decided that this year, regardless of the fact that the shops have insisted it is Christmas since September, I would start getting into the swing in November ... and it's so much fun! I've got presents, I'm organising Christmas Day with the ChiliGirl (it's at their place this year), I'm finding all my odds and sods of Christmas cards and getting my address list organised ... actually really having a great time :) ... and my workmates are about to have inflicted upon them my collection of Christmas CD's (last count 16!) ....

In other news, if you go to (sorry, haven't organised the hotlinky thingo yet) you will be able to view the ongoing saga of what is being called the "Lane Cove Funnel". A large traffic tunnel is being bored through the Sydney sandstone under Lane Cove ... and yesterday morning part of it collapsed. Unfortunately there just happens to be a block of flats (apartments/units) over the hole .... and it's gradually been falling in! 1000 m3 of concrete is being pumped into the hole, unfortunately on top of the contents of the bedroom of the flat that was directly over the hole ... very sad for the poor girls in that flat! Just one more example of the incredibly bad infrastructure management of our State government ... which is feeding a local newspaper frenzy at prresent.

Ok, work to do!