Flippin' Tired!

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Date: 08 November 2005 03:57:50

Yes, that is me, my new identity is Flippin' Tired.

Busy busy busy weekend, with the massive do we have been organising in my household for quite some time ... I think approximately 60'ish people came through between 3pm and 1am Saturday ... which was great, but I had to be up and compos mentis for Nephew 2's dedication at 10am Sunday .... managed that but was feeling a tad overdone by 7pm Sunday when I finally made it home!

We don't do things by halves in my family, we are known to invite people to our Christmas "All in Brawl", where it is possible for 15 people to be having up to 20 different conversations at any one time ... a tad overwhelming for the unwary visitor! Our current ancestral mix for Christmas will involve Ireland, Germany, Croatia (or Dalmatia, to be perfectly correct), Spain, Chile, France, England, Isle of Man, Germany again, England again, and Scandewegian .... and that's just my family and two guests!

It is all a lot of fun and I wouldn't miss it for the world ... but sometimes it's a little hard to crawl out of bed and get to work the next day - so I didn't! But I"m here now, and yes, busy doing accounts ...

A quick hello to my Brazilian and Argentian visitors!