"Angels we have heard on high" etc etc

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Date: 11 November 2005 00:59:01

One of my favourite Christmas Carols .... yes, the time has come, the Christmas Tree goes up this weekend (and I don't care if it's early or what!). I have Christmas presents bought, I have been eyeing off and have purchased a number of gorgeous new decorations (for myself - the tree belongs to a flatmate so there may well be no space for my decoration ideas!), The ChiliGirl and I are sitting down tonight over a glass or two of red to discuss (organise) what each member of the family will be contributing to the Christmas Celebrations which are at her house this year, I'm digging out my Christmas cards and ordering some online (www.tear.org.au - anyone for a goat?), I'm chasing up addresses, I'm starting to think about the Christmas Day outfits ... it's all go!

I love it, love it, love! ... This year I am hopefully going to be able to change the view of Christmas of one of my dear friends, Miss Germany. She has 'interesting' parents and family and for one reason or another Christmas is not her favourite time of year ... the ChileGirl and I, as well as my mum (The Party on Legs) are well into fullblown nagging to have her with us this year. I think we've just about got her! Pray for her, if you will, and all those for whom Christmas is not a time of joy and celebration. I know there are so many out there that it is a truly awful time for ... or just another day ... pray that people will come into their lives who can bring them the true meaning and joy of Christmas!

I am beginning to pore over recipe books, visit shops for more decorations, hunting for the perfect miniature Christmas Tree (live ... which ends up going down to my parents Home for Retired Plants in the country) ... I have missed my chance with the Chrissy pud this year ... it's just too hot to have the combustion stove going for 4 hours while it boils ... but I'm sure the Newcastle Pudding Lady will bail me out!

can you tell I'm a little bit excited?