of busy weekends

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Date: 27 July 2008 08:43:23

we actually made it to church today ... I think that's the first time in about a month for various reasons .. was a good service too.

We spent yesterday moving furniture .. picked up a beautiful baltic pine dresser Mr Tasmania the bargain hunter had spotted last week. Transported it to the shed (see pic on my flickr site - Mrs Tasmania) and set it up. I then rearranged all our gear (mostly my gear) in one corner of the enormous shed so when all the other stuff which belongs to other people has been moved out (they've all been told to have it gone by the end of the year) we will have a nice neat pile of gear rather than a schemozzle.

After that went and picked up an entertainment unit from one of the twins and took it back to the shack - it has very nicely replaced the desk which the tv and assorted stereo gear sat on and wine bottles and assorted weights sat under. The wine bottles hide in the cupboard underneath, my bright red bowl and our silver IKEA candelabra sit on top and it's BRILLIANT! Changes the look of that side of the loungeroom completely.

Walked ont he beach and collected giant cuttlefish to chuck on the driveway (to break down and fill in holes - it's white as well, and the driveway is quite black at the moment, so it'll liven it up). Unfortunately saw 4 dead seabirds - including two fairy penguins! -while we were walking on the beach - the weather has been wild!