The Very Big Thing

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Date: 15 November 2005 01:31:19

Yes, the Very Big Thing Deeleea has been discussing is upon us (well, tomorrow anyway). I have been fighting hard against being annoyed at the Very Big Preacher because it's not his fault that a particular person on the marketing team organising the Very Big Thing is a PITB (Pain In The Butt) .... I've also had to fight hard against reacting badly every time she calls in with yet another revision ... in the end I actually just feel sorry for her ... it's even more annoying because I think she's a nice person!!

Be that as it may, I have done some reading of the works of the Very Big Preacher and have enjoyed them immensely. I will be reading more. He's my kinda minister. Basically - he's a practical man with a lot of common sense! (well, that's what I've received from what I've read so far, anyway). I like theological discussions, I like philosophical thinking, I like a good argument (in the best sense of the word), a bit of exegesis is necessary for all BUT I am drawn most often to a minister / preacher / pastor who is able to draw out the essential practical common senseness of God and show us how it applies to our lives.

I will not be attending The Very Big Thing, despite our office having done a large amount of work for it, and the BroBoss being one of the Worship Leaders ... I have gone well past the days of turning up at something merely because a family member was involved (partly because I have a stupidly talented family who is involved in far too many things) ... but I am also conferenced out. Or at least pretty much conferenced out - I'm finding myself looking forward greatly to our Women's Conference next year!

My family has attending many conferences/Big Things over the years, of which I have varying memories, including lots of good ones ... but these days I am just not responding to the big hoo hah thing ... I will be buying the CD's of the talks etc but will be quite content not going. It is a big of a tug of war, as I want to support our Senior Pastor in this admittedly massive undertaking ... but I think going along and getting crabby because I have to sit with 20000 other people may possibly be not the best support he could ask for :)

I have bought no new shoes and no new hardware - I did buy a quilt cover (yes it's practically summer but I've been looking for a Spring themed cover for two years and it will now be folded nicely at the end of the bed!) but otherwise it's been very quiet.