Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy, Oy, Oy!

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Date: 16 November 2005 22:29:08

well yes ... we won the World Cup Qualifier against Uruguay - about flippin' time! 1974 was the last time apparently. I'm not a huge 'ballsports' watcher but I do like a good game of soccer ... even though I only caught the last five minutes of last nights game.

I guess it's the sort of thing that depends on how you were brought up ... my brothers played soccer from a very early age (under 5's), I played for a year as a teenager (gave it up for softball and swimming - areas I was MUCH better as ... though I was a pretty good back on the old soccer field!), so it has some interest. None of us played union or league (dad and the boys played hockey, softball and baseball as well, mum did soccer and softball - crikey, it sounds like we were actually fit! wonder what happened ...), my grandfather played first grade Aussie Rules (aerial pingpong as it's known) .... so I soccer would be the game I'd choose to sit down and watch, if I had to :)

I think it's interesting hearing talk of the 'resurgence' of Australian soccer ... I don't think it ever really went away actually, just wasn't drawing the 'right' crowds to make it on TV ... now, of course, thanks to good old Anthony La Paglia's (well known TV actor in America who just happens to actually be an AUSSIE!) interest in the Aussie A League it's coming to the fore again ... and our win last night will bring it back to television popularity :) ... nice, 'cause I reckon soccer players are the best looking! (and that's the important thing, obviously!).

So, The Very Big Thing started last night (oddly enough, in the big stadium very close to where the soccer qualifier was held - bedlam in that part of the city last night!) and was a great success, according to the BroBoss who sang, drove the minibus with the musos, etc etc. I was stuck in client hell yesterday afternoon as a just slightly last minute massive print job, needed by the client holding The Very Big Thing, looked like not making it at all .... but yes, at the cost of at least 100 more grey hairs, it got there in time ... and I went home and had two very large glasses of 2003 Margaret River Shiraz!!!!!

Okay, back to work ... I'm trying not to think of the dental appointment I have today ....