I like my dentist

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Date: 17 November 2005 02:15:44

she's very nice. I just hate GOING to the dentist (my hands are still shaking from tension release). It's not that I'm scared of it ... she's very good, always pain free, a lovely person ... it's just that in my life so far I have had root canal therapy at 12 on a front tooth, six baby teeth pulled out before braces could go on at 16, full braces top and bottom for 2 years at 16, four wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic during HSC year (that's final exams in year 12 to you non-Aussies), wearing of various plates/mouthgards to go along with these various bits and pieces, as well as a molar removed after the large hold that developed while I had the braces spread infection into my gum and caused a delightful abscess on the gum.

I'm kinda over it to be honest.

And I have to go back mid-December for hopefully my final filling for a while ... on Bro2's birthday yet ..... oh well, at least it'll be over before Christmas ... and I can truthfully say I've never had a toothache ... they don't get left alone long enough to develop an ache!