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Date: 24 November 2005 01:07:20

Wow, it's been nearly a week! Guess it's been kinda busy, I ran away to visit Party on Legs and Super Dad in the country for a couple of days, and have come back and just worked ... not exciting really.

Anyone who's worked in Admin will understand what I mean when I talk about the 'widows and orphans' that get piled up on your desk (to borrow a word processing term) ... all those files which can wait for 'ron, the little bits of paper with cryptic notes, the collections of data which need to actually be entered into a datafile, the FILING!, just stuff! Well, my aim is to get rid off all the stuff before Christmas ... and get rid of it properly, not just hide it, bury it, or bin it! I am going to deal with everything, file everything, write the letters, enter the data, (clean up the coffee mugs), it's all going to go! I have NO intention of coming back after two weeks off at Christmas to a desk full of last year's stuff!

Truthfully, it's mainly self defence - I have enough trouble remembering how to write and what my passwords are after a couple of weeks off, let alone working out what the heck I was saving a particular piece of paper for!

Call it an early New Year's Resolution if you will.

I'm doing it at home too ... last night I attacked the folding, and the mending basket ... quite satisfactorily too!

I'm feeling very virtuous :)

Now if I could only bring the same energy to exercising ......