Things to be Thankful for

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Date: 25 November 2005 01:29:13

I am borrowing an idea from LottaLatte, an American, who has written a list of things she is thankful for to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. I'd guess some of you have already made out lists, but I haven't read all the blogs I usually shoot across today so forgive me if you think I'm being unoriginal!

Remember, also, I'm an Aussie, so "Thanksgiving" as a holiday really has no meaning for me ... but the idea of giving thanks resonates.

Not going into great detail (or any at all really) suffice it to say that 2004 was the worst year of my entire life ... and yet only one person died! (My grandfather, greatly missed, but happy in Heaven with his wife of 59 years). For many and various reasons, EVERY SINGLE ONE out of my control, I was pleased to make it to Christmas with my sanity intact ... and there were a few wobbly moments around the October that year, let me tell you!

2005 has been vastly better, so a short list of thanks is below (this may well be added to as I think of others).

1 Firstly, and those of you who know how important my family is to me will understand, I am thankful that my four siblings (incl 2 in-laws) are back on an even keel.

2 I am thankful for caring, practical, sensible parents who love me greatly and know me better than I know myself, much as I sometimes wish my mother would stop using her almost psychic talents to work out how I'm feeling!

3 I am thankful for my two gorgeous, funny, loving nephews, my niece (I'm guessing, I'll let you know if I'm right in a week or two ... I'm batting Nil for Nil on this so far) to be, my two godsons who are moving to New Zealand next year [they're great kids AND I get to take trips OS to visit], and my two adopted goddaughters [their mum is my oldest friend] who are beautiful even if the 9 year old can look me in the eye and the 12 year old is taller than me - and I'm not really that short!

4 I am thankful for, finally, a great group of housemates ... believe me, when you're sharing with four other people you want 'em to be the right ones! Even if it's only the right ones for now!

5 Great friends, of many different types and from many different areas, all of whom bless me in many different ways ... even though some of them I can't have in the same room at the one time :)

6 A blogsite to whinge on!

7 Shoes ... of course :)

8 A great job, interesting and challenging ... I may not want to get out of bed in the morning some days, but it's nothing to do with not wanting to come to work.

9 My car!!!! In Australia, especially on the Northern Beaches of Sydney (which suffers from a severe lack of public transport), never underestimate the value of a good car that works every time you turn the key! Especially when it was given to you by the forementioned grandfather :)

10 My church (and God of course, take that as read) ... which some will probably think should have come first ... I guess God doesn't actually make it onto my list, it's just one of those things that are so obvious it's not worth counting. My church is great, even though certain aspects of it drive me BONKERS ... but then, if I didn't love the place would I care enough to be driven bonkers? The good most definitely outweighs the bad.

So that's it - 10 things I'm thankful for ... there are most certainly more, but 10 is enough to be going on with.