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Date: 01 December 2005 22:44:56

I have been a tad under the weather this last week, self-inflicted mostly unfortunately. I happen to have an ongoing iron deficiency which I usually keep under control however on occasion, when not paying attention to my diet, I enter what I call a 'white-out' ... ie I've let the iron levels in my blood get down so low that I'm basically dead white ... attractive no? It also means shortness of breath (red corpuscles/haemoglobin diminishing does no good to the bodies ability to hold onto oxygen!) and a slightly depression ... or more accurately, a massive 'couldn't be bothered' ....

However, I have smacked myself on the forehead, given myself the lecture, and the diet etc is back on track and I'm 'pinking up' nicely .... you'd think I'd have been able to keep myself organised by my age but no, sometimes it just all gets away on me :) I think it's possibly partly explained in a conversation I had with a friend recently (and speaking of friends, where is Semele?). Anyhoo .... we were talking about a mutual acquaintance, as you do, who is married with no kids. She had been having a whinge about how life is so hard, working fulltime and running a house etc etc blah blah blah .... can't say it actually resonated all that well with the two singletons ... I had just had the day from hell, with the Broboss away, work flat out, rego/car insurance to pay, bills that HAD to be paid that day, a pool which was FULL of vegetation thanks to a nice spring gale - and there was no one at home to make my dinner or clean the pool for me as a surprise ... can you understand that I was not really that interested?

I think both singletons and married folks have completely different lifestyles and hardships and things to do etc etc ... but just a note to the marrieds (a state which I would like to experience one day! - hopefully with memories of this blog intact) ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not EVER whinge to a singleton about how hard your life is ... I'm sorry, we just don't care. And you know why? Because there are TWO OF YOU!!!! That's right ... your husband/wife may not do much, but they probably do a bit - and if nothing else they are someone who is there just for you .... can you spare a few brain cells to work out why the singleton who is doing it all themself (maybe perfectly happily single, maybe pining for their someone) really doesn't give a S**T for your "hardships"?

OK, that's enough of that. I'm not against all married people, I do love my life, mostly. Just please think before you tell a single person that they have it easy because they don't have to take into consideration another person ....