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Date: 04 December 2005 22:20:45

GIRL! Yes, I have a niece, finally!

I guess that makes it sound like I have 43 nephews when in reality I have only 2 ... + 2 godsons ... it's kinda nice to have a girl in the mix! Can you hear Aunty Lis's bank account dwindling?

Bro2 and The Amazon had a little girl on Friday night, 52cm, black hair, 3.2kgs, cute as a button as they say ... a textbook caesarean, unfortunately marred by the anaesthetic NOT WORKING!!!!!!! ... yes, she did it without painkillers people! I think they will come through it okay, they're actually even able to laugh about it, but the The Amazon's mum, who was also at the birth, apparently went home and literally drank half a bottle of scotch!

amazingly, The Amazon was up and walking less than 48 hours later ... suffice to say she's a toughy!