Yikes, 5 random thoughts!

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Date: 06 December 2005 22:18:51

Firstly, thank you Miss Deeleea!

1 I actually like The Phantom, a wonderful superhero with no superpowers. Yes, he does wear purple - but he's cool! The more revelatory part of this announcement is that I currently have, at least, 200 Phantom comics in my garage .....

2 I make (or have made and will get back to eventually!) leadlight windows ....

3 If I wasn't a Christian I'd be a moon worshiper

4 Political correctness really gives me the s**Ts .... possibly, this is neither random nor revelationary to anyone who actually knows me or has read some of my rants!

5 If I lived in a town/country that put on Renaissance Faires (ie America) in a big way ... I'd be there in full costume!

There you go .... strange, possibly more than you need to know, but still me :)