You Go Girl!

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Date: 13 December 2005 05:05:51

That's to Yay, by the way, so shoot on over and read her blog :) - I like to see people being decisive! Excellent stuff!

Really not much to tell at present ... life is chugging along, I am still finishing Christmas Cards .. I was on a roll but kinda got distracted by a weekend away ... presents are nearly done ...

I think the problem, if it can be called such, is that my Christmas Season is proving to be far too leisurely and calm ... I'm JUST NOT USED TO IT! There is no chaos, there is no bedlam, there are no tears - I'm even getting parking down at the Mall! I'm actually starting to feel like I've slipped into an alternate universe - and I don't like it - I like running around like a chook with it's head cut off (sorry for the squeamish souls - remember I'm a farm girl!). Even Christmas Day itself looks like being very relaxed - it's just not right!

I guess I'll just have to make up for it on Boxing Day - for the first time I'm NOT doing something so I'm going to actually leap into the fray and charge on into the Boxing Day Sales - yahoooooo ... I've pretty much got my bra and shoe comparison list organised - just got to get some book titles down now, and I'm good to go!