I'm back ... or at least my body is

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Date: 10 January 2006 23:20:23

Just a quick one to let you know (Ian) that I'm still alive! We hit the ground running at work on Monday, jobs coming in, orders to go out .... and a server that had decided it needed a few more days off, thank you very much!

A blessing in disguise really, no internet or email access, no access to our main files, meant that I got a lot of cleaning up, chucking out, and reorganising done .... and now I am trying to catch up on a fortnight's worth of accounts, jobs, etc.

Still, I had a great holiday, relaxed, spent time with family and friends, and am now quite happy to be back at work, winding my brain up to a level where I can function properly again :) (I have decided I would not be cut out for a life of complete leisure, my brain has no intermediate stage, it's either working or not, none of this just coasting along bizzo!)

Anyhoo, I will hopefully be back on board with an update of the last two weeks ... you can check in with Yay and Deeleea to see what mischief was had in the Highlands ....