Still a bit flustered ...

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Date: 18 January 2006 01:07:36

but grinning :)

So, two official dates, one really long chat at church, a number of very long emails, a couple of phone chats, and photos exchanged, addresses, phone numbers, etc etc etc .... and I don't get to see him again until beginning of March!

Well, I guess you never can tell, can you. My flatmates are just a teency bit overexcited (they're basically at the point of running out and buying bridal mags - you can just imagine! ... or maybe you don't want to take your mind there!). It's nice though, we tend to live vicariously, as we generally never have more than one 'romantic interest' floating about at any given time, so they're enjoying themselves :)

He is taking a long weekend in March though, just to come up and see me ....