Toolboxes and hammocks

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Date: 24 January 2006 01:26:47

It was brought to my attention by Deeleea that I have failed to live up to my wibname - there has been very little mention of high heels or hardware of late!

So, to update .... i have bought no new shoes .... help me, I'm feeling faint! it is true, i have been wearing the same shoes almost every day (for work) - black strappy heels, nice and cool - or bare feet really ... not so interesting!

As for hardware ... well, I bought a big toolbox and am now hunting down all my tools from their various resting places around the house/garage and transferring them .... i have ambitions to own a massive metal tradesmans toolbox one day .....

I have bought a hammock on a lovely wooden stand though, which I am going to put together tonight, and will be spending quite a bit of time in. It's going on my balcony, so I will have a view of the pool, the bush (and the Roseville bridge, if I get the angle wrong!) ...

I have also bought a digital camera, so once I've figured out how it all works (or Dan Dan the Gadget Man [otherwise known as the BroBoss] figures it out for me) I'll put some pics up :). Just to note too, that I get Dan to do these things 'cause I'm not interested, not because I can't do it! Just wanted to make that point :). He had a perfectly wonderful hour putting together my TV/Video/DVD player combination and hooking it all up together, whereas I'd looked up it and just groaned - easy enough to do but DEAD BORING! So, each to his own eh, and if I can make my brother happy, why not ;)

Goodness, that's a whole lot of drivel really ... but that's the kind of day I'm having, so why not share it.