of iron and coffee

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Date: 31 July 2008 10:43:26

two things which keep me going ... one of which I have been stupidly neglecting of late ... though my usual indicators of paleness under eyelids, fingernails, and general 'whitiness' of face have let me down.

so, the brain eventually kicked into gear, and the super mega dose iron tablet has been taken every day for 6 days so far .. the effect is being felt but still a ways to go ... which tells me how far down I let those levels go ... and the gradual disappearence of the 'flat' feeling I've had for nearly a month now is also an indication that I'd hit the stupidly low levels ... mild depression is a clinical symptom of iron deficiency.

you'd think, 8 years later, I'd have it down pat by now ... but no, I put it down to cold weather, winter blahs (Seasonal Affective Disorder), less exercise (I don't walk the dog when it rains, Mr Tasmania metaphorically puts his cloak over the puddle and goes by himself), boredom at work, etc etc etc ... and didn't really do all that much to actually do anything about it ... mind you, when mildly depressed, you don't do anything about anything much ...

so, I've proven myself to be a text book case of someone with fairly major but non life threatening chronic iron deficiency, who needs to pay much more attention to her body. ON the up side, Mr Tasmania has now watched the symptoms appear and disappear and will be able to hold me down and shove iron tablets down my apathetic neck if I let myself get anywhere near this stage again ... so I guess that's my silver lining :)

and coffee ... I'd gone off it .. but I'm back on it now ...and I've just put through an online order for our coffee pods for the coffee maker ... 100 are on their way! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!