Did I mention I was losing my mind?

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Date: 29 January 2006 22:37:33

So, Australia Day.

Beach picnic with the family down at Balmoral Beach ... lovely hazy day, lots of families relaxing, people reenacting the landing of the First Fleet, enormous amounts of Maori's doing a haka (for you Northern Hemisphere bods, that's New Zealand indigenous bods doing a big scary dance ... on Australia Day ... but it was very cool to watch!) .... lovely morning in fact .... until I realised I 'd locked the keys in the car.

Which worked out okay, as I had a spare key in my purse.

So, okay, minor interruption, could happen to anyone right?

But wait, there's more .....

Saturday arvo, down to the Bavarian Beer Cafe for a late lunch with my friend Kylie, parked the car downstairs under Manly Wharf. Great lunch, good catchup, tried "Hell" beer (lovely!), ice cream for desert and a walk down to the beachfront to watch the Surf Carnival.

All good so far.

Walking back ... no keys ... I've done it again! Okay, I've been a little distracted of late but this is getting a little ridiculous. But it's okay, I've probably done the same thing as Thursday, just left them hanging in ignition.

I have ..... but I've also LEFT THE CAR RUNNING!!!!

Yes, I have pulled up, grabbed my bag, locked and closed my door, and left ... without turning the car off or taking my keys.

ooooohhhhhhh dddddeeeeaaaarrrrrr .......

On a lighter note ... I'd left the aircon on as well, so the car was delightfully cool!