Time to myself :)

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Date: 01 February 2006 04:52:24

Finally, tonight, I get some time to catch up on the housework - yay! Ok, that sounds ridiculous, I know ... but my clothes need putting away, my dust bunnies have turned into dust tigers, and the bathroom - oy vey! I'm not even going to talk about my fridge.

I have been attempting to catch up with all the people I didn't catch up with last year. I made a lot of attempts last year but some timetables just do not mesh, no matter how hard you try - however, it has all come together at once and I feel like I've hardly been home for a week!

Not to mention that I have spent a total of 6 hours on the phone since Sunday - and that's just talking to one person, I'm not counting chatting to friends or family ... good thing I've changed our house phone plan! Ah well, it's probably a good sign that we can chat for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

On Monday the household + 3 others went to "The Terrace on Pittwater" for the birthday of The Diva, one of my flatmates. FABULOUS food ... I had lamb rump and shared a dessert plate with The Angel (another flatmate) which included the most amazing passionfruit mousse ... yummy! It's an amazing restaurant, with a beautiful view out over Pittware and Bayview, with the sun setting it was just lovely - I'm definitely going back - possibly with Mr Tasmania :) ....

What else ... well, not much really .... I'm just rearranging my whole year, trying to fit in the above mentioned Tasmania's timetable, the visit to Canada I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, at least a week in New Zealand to visit friends, family, godchildren etc in a number of different locations, time with the family, time with friends ... crikey, I'm glad last year was basically quite relaxing!

all this and I'm off coffee!

pardon me I need to go and have a phenomenally strong cup of tea ........