Chugging Along and appreciating the joys of life, family and friends

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Date: 07 February 2006 02:55:51

I feel as if I'm on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment - my life is zooming past, everything is moving at great speed, lots of good things are happening very quickly, I'm getting lots done, but I almost feel like I'm letting other things slip no matter how hard I try to get to them.

This may be because I'm spending half my life on the phone to the boyfriend :) ... so stop whinging, I can hear you say! yes, point taken. no more whinging.

Life is very very good, Mr Tasmania is fantastic (and away from all forms of communication for 3 days so I can catch up on all the aforesaid things that have been slipping!), the family is going well (all of them), work is great, the household is chugging along swimmingly ...

Life has been very social of late as well. On Saturday the BroBoss, Chilegirl, Wunderkind, SuperDad, Party on Legs and I went to Centennial Vineyard in the Southern Highlands for a lunch to celebrate the Party's birthday (which is today) [I will add hotlinks after I have had a chat with Deeleea to work out how to do it so you can just click, rather than read the whole thing - she's a very useful person to know!]. It's a phenomenal venue, looking out over vineyards with enormous mature gum trees (eucalypts for non-Aussies) in the paddocks (fields) ... and the restaurant is huge and gorgeous. The staff are very efficient but also really friendly and the food (important!) is fabulous - I had veal with potato mash and snow peas and it was delicious, could easily have gone seconds (oink oink!).

Last night we had a roast lamb dinner at the House of Girl, courtesy of The Diva, in honour of the birthday of flatmate 3 [The Incredible Shrinking Flatmate]. Yum yum and did I say yum?!! Mind you, the potatoes she does are incredibly bad for you but divine! More yum!

Tonight it's Chilean Lamb Casserole and probably far too much red wine with the BroBoss, Chilegirl, and Wunderkind ... love it.

So, even though I whinge, life is good .... and i am looking forward to more events in the near future - catching up with an old friend in Canberra this weekend, and dinner with Deeleea and two other friends in a fortnight ... then Mr Tasmania in 24 days [and yes, I am counting down :)] ... what a great year!

Well, now I've successfully stopped whinging, I'm going to lunch!