Tiffany & Co are my new best friends!

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Date: 10 February 2006 04:29:11

Yes, there is a beautiful Tiffany's in Sydney, in beautiful Martin Place. I love it a lot. I may have mentioned earlier on that I went on a mission with various girlies [The Valkyrie, Chilegirl, Man Magnet, and the Incredible Shrinking Flatmate] to spend my birthday and Christmas gift vouchers + my work bonus on a beautiful ring. The ring had to be ordered in from America and I was told it could take up to 6 weeks :(

Got the call on Tuesday, and it's in! Only 5 weeks, not bad.

It's an Elsa Peretti open ring, rolled silver, with a 'avant garde' heart at one end of the ring (which sits on top of my finger, if you know what I mean), and a small diamond embedded in the other end of the ring. That's a completely ridiculous explanation I know but that's all I got! I'm pretty sure it's not on the Tiffany's site so I can't even give you a link ... it's gorgeous though! It comes all wrapped up in it's Tiffany blue pouch, in a Tiffany blue box, wrapped in a white Tiffany's ribbon, then into a Tiffany blue bag. I was not dressed up to the nines, to say the least, last night, but a Tiffany's bag means every shop assistant treats you like a queen :) ... must remember that for future reference and just carry the bag with the empty box in it!

I must give the Tiffany's assistants a mention as well - they're lovely! All very gracious and helpful ... The Valkyrie came with me and just about passed out over the engagement rings (by the by, Mr Tasmania is getting better and better - only 21 days 'til I see him and he's the one counting down! - but the flatmates, various friends, and my mad sisters- in-law all have me married by the end of the year ... this blog could get incredibly interesting all of a sudden if they turn out to have the gift of prophecy ...). Miss Valkyrie wants a 'huge rock' in her words, diamonds all the way, and it's kinda hard to get past the Tiffany's solitaire's ... just simple, classic, and beautiful.

And no, they're not paying me for the advertising :)

So today I'm walking around with my lovely silver ring. I'm not sure if I'll wear it every day or just keep it for spesh .... I don't know if I can bear to leave it at home though, so it'll probably be worn most days!