Resisting temptation ...

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Date: 13 February 2006 22:00:24

is not hard when your boyfriend lives 1200km away ...

No, actually, what I'm talking about is resisting the temptation to be all bubbly and goopy and sloppily sentimental on Valentine's Day! I could seriously go there ... but I won't (well, not on the blog anyway, aren't you glad!).

One thing I have found fascinating in the last few years is the concentration by media types on the 'singles' at this time of the year ... it's a seemingly endless examination of whether they are truly happy. Obviously, some aren't, and I'm sure all of us would be happy to have a companion ... but the scrutiny of the media types really seems to been focused on an almost overwhelming inability to believe that it is possible(!) to have a fulfilled life without a companion/partner/whatever. The trouble is so many women (and I'm sure men but I haven't had this conversation with many) have bought into the myth that they can't go through life without 'the one'.

It's actually one of my soapbox rants to be honest, when I get with a gaggle of Christian girlies (who are absolutely the worst at this) sitting around bemoaning the lack of the perfect guy, whinging that all the guys they meet don't measure up to their 'lists', moaning about the things they haven't done 'cause they're waiting for 'their guy' - sorry, it just gives me a massive case of the S&#t*!!

[Authors note: this blog would probably have been very much the same if I didn't have Mr Tasmania in my life - I have spent a lot of time over the years making sure I'm happy with myself ... regardless ...]

I have to say, flatout, who wants a whinger? Who's going to leap into a relationship with someone who can't stand on their own two feet and be happy with themselves and their lives? This is even more important if a person is older - nobody wants a 45 year old who is still 'waiting' to buy the perfect dinner set, or take the trip to Morocco, or learn to hang-glide, or not gone to see a movie 'because they don't want to do it by themselves' ... my response, hardhearted possibly, is 'please, get a grip and grow up!'

Time for people to value THEMSELVES - you're all beautiful (or handsome), interesting, kooky, mad, fun, romantic, fabulous people! What's not to like about you? Give YOURSELF a Valentine's card today, buy yourself chocolates, buy some flowers for yourself (or whatever boys like best) and love you! You are great - and if no-one notices this Valentine's Day it's their loss not yours :)

Happy Valentine's Day!