Long Distance Relationships and too many Easter Eggs in the Shops

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Date: 17 February 2006 02:02:06

Are a pain in the butt ... but also a blessing :)

I know i know, I'm drivelling again :) ... but I'm not, truly, it's just that being in this relationship, as in any new thing, is making me observe things in a different way, and I'm commenting.

By the way, on the high heels front, I'm currently wearing a pair of black 3 1/2 inch wedge stilettos - a lot comfier than they probably sound!

Ok, so commenting on the blessing of a long distance relationship .... I'm sure, as time goes on, the frustrations of a long distance relationship will result in one of two things: either someone will move therefore negating the long distance part of the name OR the relationship will fizzle ...

The good part, as far as I'm concerned? At this point I've spent approximately 6 hours in physical proximity to my boyfriend ... and approximately 60+ hours on the phone ... not to mention emails and sms's ... and we haven't run out of stuff to talk about :). It's not all deep and meaningful discussions, our talks are very wide ranging, but I still find him incredibly interesting, even when getting down to the minutiae of life ie how well he did playing golf with his boss last night, and is the weather warm enough to go for a surf (well, for Tassie, that means getting out a wetsuit regardless, but I guess warmth is relative!). I'd have to say I think we've got the communication thing down, nice and early - and I know far too many people who actually have nothing to say to each other so that's got to be a good thing!

On another note - I am seriously HACKED OFF at the Easter eggs/bunnies/buns/bilby's etc which have been on the supermarket shelves and next to the cash registers since 02/01/06!!! I have actually been moved enough to burst into print to a couple of the major supermarket chains in Australia and pointed out, very politely, that as a Christian I am offended by this obviously purely commercial loading of the shelves. Seriously, it'd be hard to get Easter any later, and they've put the stuff out straight after Christmas? Like anybody can even LOOK at a chocolate for at least another week or two!

They have informed me that there is 'customer demand' .... sorry, that's a load of ****** (insert a word to suit yourself) ... who on earth 'demands' hot cross buns in January!!! I've informed them I'm boycotting easter eggs and hot cross buns (except in the case of the nephews) ... I know my poor effort will mean precisely nothing to them, but I'm hoping that others will actually put their money where their mouth is (assuming they also feel it's a bit over the top) and inform their local supermarkets of their offence, disgust, or minor annoyance with the current practice.

I guess my basic problem is that Christianity is just overtaken by commercialism - I know, so is everything else, but really, this is over the top. I have no problem at all with the profit motive, making a buck off the religious festivals etc ... just the blatancy of this is a bit too much - and I don't think it hurts for people to realise that Christianity is not just a habit or convenience or 'safe' religion - it's a living faith and their actions impact on real people. Too many of us just drift along letting things happen - I'm not advocating demonstrations in the streets, just letting people know how you actually feel about things, in a polite and considerate manner :)

Ok, rant over ... I'm off to lunch!