Autumn is a comin'

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Date: 21 February 2006 00:09:13

I've started knitting again which means, in my personal calendar, that Autumn must be just over the horizon - yippee!!!!! I'm pretty sure I mentioned a while back that I had been hanging out for the Summer heat, which is INCREDIBLY unlike me ... and I have loved this Summer, it's been fabulous in so many ways.

Now, though, the air is starting to take on the slightest hint of crispness, briskness, feeling more alive, that I associate with Autumn and Spring - my two favourite seasons. I'm looking forward to cooler nights, crispy mornings, putting the fan away!, new clothes :), looking up my casserole recipes and trying out a few more, being able to bake in the kitchen without melting into a little puddle, all the wonderful things that cooler weather brings.

Not to mention spending time with my boy in Tassie at Easter, which is not that far away.

Ah Autumn ... I think this change of seasons will bring more than just a change in the colour of the leaves this year for many people ...

And the knitting? I have a cap to finish for The Sheriff (which i started last Winter) ... and I will make some sort of headcovering for The Deputy and the Wunderkind as well ... I'm working on something which could be a scarf, may be a cushion cover, but is most likely going to turn out to be a lovely snuggly rug. I also have ambitions to try my hand at socks ... which could turn out very badly ... but I'm sure my parents will wear them around the house quite happily! I have many other projects to work on as well, including some leadlight projects - I'd forgotten how much I love playing with glass - despite the cuts!

Oh, and shoes! I bought some :) ... I think I've been in withdrawal and have just recently recognise the pangs were an overwhelming need to purchase shoes! Sad but true. Anyhoo, Diana Ferrari, green, flat! (I know, I know, but I have to have SOME flat shoes), 'almost' thongs ... they look like a slide but have a tiny hidden thong under the strap, which is great for me as I have a tendency to kick shoes into the air and look like a nong ... thongs are a lifesaver :)

And that's it .... 10 sleeps 'til Mr Tasmania gets here ... not that I'm making a big deal of it or anything ......