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Date: 22 February 2006 02:38:39

I have finally put together my new lights in the bedroom ... the various bits and bobs have been floating about since before Christmas ... and yes, I did have two weeks off over that time but nothing at all got done really ... which I guess is the point of having a holiday! Anyhoo, The Incredible Shrinking Flatmate and I went Kerb Surfing in July (council cleanups ... in the wealthier suburbs people come out with trailors to see what they can find!) and found a globe made of squares of mother of pearl, a lovely golden beige colour ... she took it but then decided she wouldn't do anything with it and gave it to me.

I have subsequently been to IKEA and picked up a small lamp (basically looks like a hockey puck) which fits nicely into the hole at the bottom of the globe ... so it's now sitting on my bookshelf and looks lovely - not strong enough to read by but a lovely pale gold glow.

The second set of lights are a string of party lights (usually made up of flowers or origami cubes or some such thing) made up of globes approx 2inches in diameter (5cm for the metrics!) which made of tiny silvery gold beads in rows - quite heavy but lovely. i've put up the 3M hooks, so will hang them tonight and hopefully it will work!

Now I've got those done I'm feeling very virtuous and self-satisfied, so will (hopefully) now be able to move on to the cleaning out of the wardrobe, which is the next project ... look at Vinnies, there could be a truckload of clothes coming your way!