Rump Steak, Scrambled Eggs and feeling blarg

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Date: 27 February 2006 05:08:50

yes, odd title ... but that's kinda my weekend. Late dinner at Ribs and Rumps (a phenomenal steakhouse in Manly, located on the beachfront), where the Man Magnet and I felt very good after our 250g rump steaks ... and The Diva was still hungry(!) after a 650g T-Bone. Yes, you read that correctly, a 650G T-BONE STEAK. I'm going to leave that one right there .....

Saturday was a bit blah, domestics etc, and bad news from a close friend about his sister - prayers for her would be great right now, she was in a coma Friday night, has since been responding but is still very very ill with a bad prognosis ... but that's doctors right, and we're overcomers in Christ etc, so believe and pray for the healing is what I'm doing.

Sunday was lovely actually, we went to The Bather's Pavilion at Balmoral Beach for a belated birthday breakfast (how's that for alliteration?) for The Incredible Shrinking Flatmate. Always a beautiful place, but when the sun is shining and sparkling on the gorgeous water, you have a lovely French Waiter (we love you Patrice!), the nippers (very junior lifesavers) are running around outside, and the scrambled eggs are to die for, it's hard to beat :)

A phenomenal storm last night, thunder, lightning, torrential rain ... I'm a bit hacked off with the flatmates. I know two of them were awake when I went upstairs, unwillingly, to check if the doors/windows were closed - I'm a little disappointed for two reason. Firstly, that they didn't think to check that windows etc were closed, and secondly, because I KNEW they wouldn't have checked ... and that's a bugger. They're all professional, intelligent woman ... they can't put two and two together? ie when I went to bed to read/watch TV in comfort all the doors / windows were WIDE open, now there is a torrential downpour, possibly adding those two together may mean that the carpet in the lounge and dining rooms will be soaked, dripping, almost to the other side of the house? Obviously a bit too much neuron activity to expect on a sunday night ....

Sorry, I'm a little cheesed. Probably because if I had a perfectly justified rant at them they'd all give me injured looks and feel like I was being mean ..... can't win really.

ah well .... only four sleeps to go and my wonderful man will be here for the weekend ... i will be more cheerful by then :)

i will also be more cheerful after the week of red meat, green leafy vegies, and orange vegies/fruits I will be eating to get my depleted iron levels up again ... will I ever learn?!?