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Date: 09 March 2006 04:35:37

That's how I feel, to be completely honest. Very blessed by this man who has come into my life (thanks to Bro2, who will henceforth be known as The MatchMaker ... oh, and just a little help from the old JC!).

Friday night I picked him up from the airport at 9:30 ... I was not one little bit nervous, which was great (and significant I think) ... saw him, hugged him, was very very soundly kissed *blushes* ... off to a good start! Poor man had been incredibly ill all day but had still driven two hours to the airport and then flown for 1 1/2 hours ... I think that says something right there! Off to Manly and lots of talking ... and other things ... including a walk on the beach ... then back to my place (remember I share with four girls!). Just lovely ... and very very easy.

Saturday was breakfast in Dee Why (Stelllllllaaaaaaaa ... sorry, that's the cafe! - has an amazing view of the beach and most excellent corn fritters!), back to my place to meet The Diva and The Angel, then off to BroBoss and Chilegirl's pad for lunch - beautiful lunch! - with both siblings, both in-laws and all three of the chilluns! He bore up very well, still quite poorly but had a lovely time and they all got on extremely well :) ... we stayed after The MatchMaker, Amazon, Sheriff and his Deputy had left to keep Chilegirl company, as the BroBoss had a country singing gig in glamorous downtown Rooty Hill. Stayed 'til he got back, watched TV, then headed off for some time to ourselves at my place ....

Off to the beautiful Southern Highlands (see Orthodox Ian for more info on the Highlands!) on an absolutely perfect Autumn Day, up the Mt Gibralter lookout to find we could see clear across to the other side of the Blue Mountains (a view which you will NOT see in Deeleea's photo record of her outing with Yay and I .... ) ... short trip to Bowral for a picture of the Bradman Museum, drive by of the old highschool, then off to the parents ......

.... which went fabulously as well! My mum can talk to anyone, and Mr Tasmania is much the same, and I had no doubts that they would get on like a house on fire. My dad is quite shy, and sometimes this comes across as being aloof ... but he was chatty cathy instantly and took to him like a duck to water - victory! I honestly have had no doubts about this from Day 1, as it is becoming more and more obvious that we have God's blessing on this relationship ... but hey, you just never can tell can you! After a lovely afternoon with the parents we headed off to my Oldest Friends to visit her (and her parents who 'just happened' to call in) - another raging success ... and remember, he was not at his best through all this, still suffering poor baby.

I was falling asleep so he drove back to Sydney and took himself back to his mate's place ... am I a trusting girl or what!

I had a quite unpleasant night, having acquired the lurgy, who knows how :) ... but he came the next morning and looked after me, which was lovely. I slept a lot but revived in the afternoon and went to meet one of his mates who lives locally, and then, after packing a 6foot+ surfboard into my very very small car, we were off to the airport and away he flew .........

And that's it ... we're in love .... stand by for future exciting bulletins :), wibblers may not be the first to know but you'll definitely be some of the first!

PS I came to work this morning to find an e-ticket in my inbox ... to fly to Tassie on Good Friday ... I knew it was coming but it was still completely exciting!!!!!