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Date: 12 March 2006 23:52:04

ouch ...

actually, not too bad, shouldn't really whinge as was self-inflicted! More just pink about the edges than actually burnt ... courtesy of a beautiful day yesterday (Sunday), part of which was spent down at Balmoral Beach (again! I've lived in Sydney 6 years and been down to Balmoral more in the last two months than in that whole time!) with some work colleagues from my previous job. Lovely to catch up with them all and to see the little boy of a girl I worked with, who is now two years old and very cute! She's due to have her second in May and very happy, nice to see! My old boss and his wife also came ... He's completely hyperactive but has been enjoying retirement, fending off job offers, getting lots of work done around the house and has actually ... wait for it ... read three books in the last year!

yes, for me that's totally hilarious, I'd read more than three in a week, but he's such a whirlwind that actually sitting still long enough to get through three in 12 months is a major achievement!

Otherwise, we have four boys living with us at present, so the house of 5 is a house of 9 for a few weeks. They're all students at the college attached to my church, and they're just lovely boys. Very young (from my vast age of 35!) but neat and fairly tidy and helpful! They had a thoroughly enjoyable time yesterday chopping down a dead apricot tree and hacking up a rampant bougainvillea, with only minimal injuries - so we're all pretty happy! They're paying rent and doing jobs, works for me!

They are working hard at finding a house but apparently landlords see four boys names on the applications and say no straight away so we're praying hard for a sensible landlord! They'll get there I"m sure, though the available rentals on the beaches are very low, from what I can see ... oh well, I'm sure it'll work out, it always does. In the meantime we are going to buy curtains for upstairs with the rent money and will have many other things to put it towards I"m sure ... and we're getting some gardening done ... not much to complain about there really! And the non-Christian girl in our house is having an experience with four lovely Christian boys and getting to see that there really is something different about them - which is great!