of satisfaction

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Date: 02 August 2008 09:49:03

1 - helped friend replace bushes in something car something by using brother's (this is Mr Tasmania doing this, by the by, I was walking the dog around!) enormous press in truck shed.

2 - went to local produce and hardware and bought chicken wire (10m)

3 - went up to block and attached trailer

4 - went to nursery and JD (dog) bought Mr Tasmania his Father's Day present (yes, I know it's early, and yes, I know he's a dog. But we haven't got kids, have no plans to have kids, and like giving presents to each other - and JD bought me an external hard drive for Mother's Day, so we're probably spoilt). We bought a Weeping Flowering Cherry - Prunus, something or other 'Winter Sun' (I think) ... about 3m tall, should look lovely. Also bought two punnets of lavender (dwarf Hidcote and French), and two punnets of Alyssum (white) to plant underneath, and a bale of pea straw to mulch (LOVE pea straw ... love sugar cane mulch more but hard to get in Tassie). Also 1 cubic metre of medium pine bark mulch.

5 - resisted buying enormous amounts of bare rooted fruit and ornamental trees

6 - went and bought lunch and a drink

7 - back to block, planted tree in centre of lovely circle of blue stone boulders (full of nice red earth kindly donated by the Running Man .. also containing assorted bulbs and native violets from his garden as a bonus). Planted lavender at 8 points around circle and alyssum in and around circle of lavender. Mulched. Encircled whole with chicken wire fence held up by bamboo canes. Fence is mainly aimed at keeping His Majesty, JD, from deciding to go worm hunting in the middle of it, but there is the odd rabbit passing through and I'd like my seedlings to last more than 5 minutes!

8 - took trailer up the driveway and put paper down and pine bark mulched around 4 more of the grevilleas - I think we're basically half way down now, which means another 5m to go and we're done ... but then we get to start across the back fence mulching the bottlebrush :)

9 - Husband put another stud in the wall so he could finish attaching the sliding door for the loo.

10 - I painted blackboard squares on the doors of the lockers (top two rows of 8 each, bottom two rows to be done when inquisitive dog is not in vicinity) so we can have an idea of what's inside - stick on labels fall off.

11 - packed up, visited friend who is building a house, bought lamb roast, came home

12 - put lamb roast and assorted vegies in oven, took dog for walk on beach

13 - now home smelling roast and waiting for friends to turn up and eat

SATISFIED with every aspect of the day - and to top it all off, despite a few little rain showers and some misty 'stuff' we basically had blue skies all day - nice!