Prayer and Laughter

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Date: 15 March 2006 04:18:28

Are a good combination I think :). Sorry if that bothers anyone, but I quite like having a laugh with God, finding the amusing, the hilarious, in the everyday ... I mean, come on, He created the squid! There's definitely a sense of humour there :)

Anyhoo, the reason for the laughter was brought about by prayer .. not my prayer, the prayer of the four lovely lads who are living on the bottom floor of my house at present. They are four students from the Bible College/College of Creative Arts which Deeleea has referred to before (operates from our rather large church) and they have not been able to find accommodation (!) 'til now. Apparently they viewed a house yesterday which they really loved and, being the good boys that they are, immediately came home and set to prayin' .... loudly and passionately :)

The funny part comes in when you remember that The Man Magnet is not a Christian ... and she's the one who's floor they've been living on .... and she came home just as I was walking upstairs .... The Diva and I were practically in tears of laughter ourselves picturing her face as she walked down the stairs ......

I met her again as I went down and she came up, as it were ..... a little wide eyed, a little, no actually a lot gobsmacked .... but pretty impressed that they were really going for it.

The last 10 days have certainly been an eye opener for her :)

Honestly, I would have paid good money to have seen her face as she came down the stairs .....