Running away .....

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Date: 16 March 2006 04:49:11

to the country :) .... no, not Tasmania! This time anyway!

I'm heading down to the parents place in the beeyootiful Southern Highlands, I have Friday and Monday off work, and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it! Especially after spending nearly two hours in the Manly Court House this afternoon ....

Not on my behalf I might add, chasing a scummy client .... boy oh boy, I'd hate to have something complicated to do, mine was a very simple for with a very simple process .... I sent the BroBoss an SMS that said "the court house ... where office managers go to die!" .... I couldn't work out why I was disliking it so much, it's just an office basically, nothing to write home about, people working away etc and then it hit me .... it's like the library back at uni ... no noise except keyboards ... hardly any talking, and the talking their was was very quiet, no radio ... deathly quiet! aaaarrrrgggghhhhh, get me outta there!

Anyway, that's done, and I'm going to nick off from work early to get a jump on the traffic, seeing as I didn't get an actual lunch break! I did manage to eat a bit of the leftover Moroccan Pizza from my expedition last night with Yay and Deeleea - mmmm yummy!

Yes, we bravely headed into the wilds of Chatswood (very bravely, seeing as a fourth victim of Legionnaires Disease was announced today and the only connection they all have is shopping in Chatswood!) and investigated the Gourmet Pizza Kitchen (to which I will be returning) and Gelatissimo (which I resisted ... but will be investigating more deeply because my resistance did not prevent me trying a little bit of Deeleea's raspberry Gelato ... Oh My Goodness, heaven in a dixie cup!)

On my return home, before calling my gorgeous man, I checked on the flatmates ... 6 of whom were watching the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in the loungeroom .. actually, the watching was in the loungeroom, not the Opening Ceremony .... man, I did the highest level of English at High School, and you really just can't tell at all can you! I'm actually going to miss the boys when they leave, they're proving to be excellent house guests, very well trained, even if they are all immensely tall and walking into the kitchen feels like entering the Land of the Giants when they're all in there.