Tales from the Country

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Date: 17 March 2006 23:09:28

I hate dial-up... not too thrilled the telecommunications industry ... and REALLY hate my dad's keyboard, it bites!!!! Other than that, I'm having a lovely time down here ... actually that should be up here as it's 700m above sea level ... though it is 'down south' in terms of Australia's coastline... the world is a very confusing place!

My jump on the traffic on friday didn't really pan out as there was a crash which blocked 2 south bound lanes on the Harbour Bridge, and then a very very nasty crash on one of the main routes out of Sydney which delayed us all greatly ... instead of 1 1/2 hrs it took 2 1/2 ... but I talked to a few people (yay for mobile phones!) and listened to talkback, so not too bad I guess... and well worth the drive. Coming down on a Thursday has causedmy parents great confusion (sorry about words running together, see keyboard comment above!) usually I'm here on a Friday hence the nextday is Saturday ...but not this time! Very funny ... doesn't take much to keep me amused really :)

Gorgeous AUtumn highlands day tomorrow, hope it's like this for the ANZAC Wibmeet in April ... absolutely glorious, sun, acool breeze, phenomenal blue skies, fabulous!

Today is overcast and a little chilly so will haul out the jeans (yikes!)... it will be the first time I've had them on since NOvember ... I'm hoping for good news in the 'fit' dept ... having been getting myself fit and healthy since 010106... hopefully there will a little bit of room... or maybe even a lot! That would be GREAT :) I really can't tell how things are going on the scale,'cause I only weigh myself at mum's and I have a habit of building muscle at a great rate (one of the reasons I don't do weights .... weightlifter is not a look I aspire to!) so, as muscle weights heavier than fat, the scales are not always as encouraging as one would wish them to be - fit of clothes is a much better indicator. I am overly endowed in a number of depts (not that I really mind) (well upholstered Deeleea would call it) with broad shoulders and a very strong build and I like that but the family 'arse and a half'(apologies :) but that's what it's called!) could do with some reduction! Ah well, keep walking and swimming ... I may even check out the local bike shop today on my seemingly never ending quest fora bike helmet that doesn't make me look like an idiot!

Okay, enough drivel... off to do something constructive ... maybe some pruning for dad... though I still smell likea lamb roast after pruning the rosemary hedge yesterday .......